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Scott Gutterson, Esq.

Posted on 25 January 2016 (0)

Scott is a Tax Attorney & Financial Advisor that began his career learning the intricacies of the Tax Code at a boutique accounting and law firm. Over the past 30 years Scott has built his own law firm, specializing in financial legal fields such as tax law, real estate, wills and contracts. He is the […]

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An Easy Way to Help A Vet

Posted on 08 December 2015 (0)

Recently I had a breakfast with several Vietnam War veterans and heard their stories about how that war had affected them and the help that many of them still need.  I was so moved by these stories that I decided to make this appeal to each and every one of you who take the time […]

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Matchmaking For Fun and (Your) Profit

Posted on 04 December 2015 (0)

As I’ve said in other blog posts, one of the most rewarding things about my work is the opportunity it has given me to develop close relationships with my clients. I consider you to be my friends, and I love to help out wherever I can even when it goes beyond the day-to-day business of […]

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How to Live on $150K in NYC

Posted on 26 November 2015 (7)

I have so many clients in New York City that I want to do a special blog just about living within a budget here where so many things are so expensive and where there are so many temptations. A lot of these suggestions and bits of advice apply to any major city in the world. […]

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Your New 401K – Or, Your Old One

Posted on 03 November 2015 (0)

Hello everyone – my friend and colleague Ron Meyers and I collaborated to bring you this blog. Ron, an attorney who specializes in estate planning, joined my office this past year. He advises some of my clients as well as clients of his own on wills, trusts, and other legal issues that impact how your […]

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Beyond Piggy Banks: Teaching Your Kids About Money

Posted on 31 August 2015 (0)

Last week I sat down with my son Glen to do an online search for a new printer. We found the one we wanted and it was available (as you might imagine) at several stores. One of the stores is very close to our house; another is about 15 minutes away. The store farther away […]

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Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Posted on 13 June 2015 (0)

When was the last time you thought about disability insurance? Maybe briefly when you saw one of those advertisements on television hawking legal services for people who need help navigating the federal government’s social security disability program. Or maybe – like me until recently – you have never really given it much thought at all. […]

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Holiday Wishes and a New Year’s Reminder

Posted on 06 December 2010 (0)

Hello everyone! This fall has gone very quickly and it’s hard to believe it but the holidays have already begun. I hope you have had a great year and are enjoying the seasonal festivities with family and friends! Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming tax season. Personally, I […]

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Slay the Monster: How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Posted on 26 October 2010 (2)

So, you’ve got a pile of credit card debt. Interest rates are high, and making minimum payments is digging the hole deeper. You’re anxious and not sure what to do. Are you ready to stop the pain?

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Some Sunsets Aren’t So Pretty: The 2011 Tax Changes

Posted on 15 August 2010 (0)

The whole world – or at least a good chunk of American taxpayers – seems to be in a state of high freak about the tax changes expected in 2011. Are you among them? Should you be? These are the questions addressed in today’s blog dear friends. First off, to be clear, what we’re actually […]

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Working Toward the Coveted Empty Nest

Posted on 26 July 2010 (1)

You raised your son well and put him through the best schools money could buy. You financed not only your daughter’s undergraduate education, but subsidized her internship salary so she could get hands-on experience and still have a social life. And then, as the fates would have it, your smart, educated, personable kid graduates from […]

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How to Buy a Business: Swimming With Sharks and Other Useful Skills

Posted on 26 June 2010 (4)

OK, so you’re 50+ years old and you’re out of a job. A corporate gig either isn’t really turning you on or isn’t proving easy to find. And, just to make things really interesting, your savings aren’t going to get you through retirement in the fashion to which you’d like to stay accustomed. One way […]

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50+ and Unemployed? It’s Not a Death Sentence.

Posted on 15 June 2010 (4)

It sucks getting fired (laid off, downsized, etc) at any age – whatever euphemism they use doesn’t take the sting out of the situation. But, here’s something to remember: the whole economy has an advanced case of the shakes. Markets are skittish, companies are making decisions (some good and some bad) about what they need […]

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Using Credit Card Statements to Reduce Your Spending

Posted on 02 June 2010 (0)

Last night I held a family meeting chez Gutterson. Why? Because there were a few line items in my credit card statement that I didn’t recognize, and it was time for someone to man-up and explain .. or it was time for me to do some investigation. Now, mind you, I don’t carry balances on […]

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Credit Cards: The Anatomy of a Seduction

Posted on 09 May 2010 (5)

Ah, credit card debt. The great 20th century invention now enters its second century. How does something that we all know is SO bad for us continue to seduce us SO easily? As with all problems of addiction, it helps to understand how you get seduced in the first place, what actions you take that […]

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