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How to Buy a Business: Swimming With Sharks and Other Useful Skills

Posted on 26 June 2010 (4)

OK, so you’re 50+ years old and you’re out of a job. A corporate gig either isn’t really turning you on or isn’t proving easy to find. And, just to make things really interesting, your savings aren’t going to get you through retirement in the fashion to which you’d like to stay accustomed. One way […]

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50+ and Unemployed? It’s Not a Death Sentence.

Posted on 15 June 2010 (4)

It sucks getting fired (laid off, downsized, etc) at any age – whatever euphemism they use doesn’t take the sting out of the situation. But, here’s something to remember: the whole economy has an advanced case of the shakes. Markets are skittish, companies are making decisions (some good and some bad) about what they need […]

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Using Credit Card Statements to Reduce Your Spending

Posted on 02 June 2010 (0)

Last night I held a family meeting chez Gutterson. Why? Because there were a few line items in my credit card statement that I didn’t recognize, and it was time for someone to man-up and explain .. or it was time for me to do some investigation. Now, mind you, I don’t carry balances on […]

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