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I.D. Please

This is exactly the right question to ask before you pick up the phone or click “send” on an email and book an appointment to discuss the intimate details of your financial life with anyone! You’ll find me on Facebook and Twitter, in my New York City office, and – as often as I can manage – on one of several favorite golf courses. But here’s the background story on who I am, why I love what I do, and how I got so good at it.

Education and Discovery of the Joys of the Tax Code

Twenty-seven years ago I was working my way through law school at Touro Law Center on Long Island (I have been a member of the New York Bar since 1985). Since I didn’t come from a wealthy family, and I was still paying off loans for my undergraduate degree from George Washington University, I took a job with a CPA firm in midtown Manhattan. Every day I was assigned complicated questions about the tax code to research. It was love at first sight. Deciphering how this crazy set of always changing rules impacted people’s money was exactly the kind of puzzle that my brain loved then and still loves to this day.

Helping People is Great

After I got my law degree from Touro in 1983 I took a new job at a New York firm that offered both legal and accounting services. There I worked directly with clients and discovered my second passion: making life less stressful and more lucrative for people who, unlike me, don’t live for the thrill of developing tax strategies and figuring out the best way to invest their money, start a business or buy their first home.

Doing it in My Own Firm is Even Better

Six years later, in 1990, I founded my own firm and began an adventure that continues to this day. Along the way, I have personally faced just about every situation that my clients face from paying off student loans and building up college tuition funds for my kids to launching small business ventures and planning for my own retirement. I’ve been where my clients are and care deeply about their happiness. I understand their financial concerns and do everything in my power to support them in reaching their personal and financial goals.

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