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Matchmaking For Fun and (Your) Profit

Posted on 04 December 2015 by admin (0)

As I’ve said in other blog posts, one of the most rewarding things about my work is the opportunity it has given me to develop close relationships with my clients. I consider you to be my friends, and I love to help out wherever I can even when it goes beyond the day-to-day business of tax-advisory work. With that in mind I’ve been thinking about how many people are looking for a new or better job, or new employees and how I can add something of value to this process.

After a couple of pretty rough years, the economy is on the mend. We’re not in a recession anymore – at least according to the economists – and business is picking up. If you are an owner or executive responsible for business development in the advertising, marketing, or media industry this is especially welcome news after the last couple of years of slashed corporate marketing budgets. If you’re on the corporate side you may be looking around for an advertising agency that can help you capitalize on the stronger economy. And, if you’re the talent that the ad agencies and corporate marketing departments rely on to come up with winning campaigns, this may be a great time to land a new job.

Since the advertising and marketing world in particular has been very good to me – many of my clients work in these fields either as agency owners or as creative talent – this presents an especially great opportunity for me to give back. How?

  • If you have a job opening, let me know about it. I may be able to recommend someone.
  • If you’ve got a budget to hire an advertising agency, let me know about it. I may be able to recommend an agency that fits your budget and your needs.
  • If you’re creative talent looking for greener fields, let me know about it, I may be able to match you with one of the companies in bullet one above.

Even if you aren’t in the advertising industry, let me know if you are looking for a job or an employee … my contacts extend to all walks of life and if I can make a match, it would make me very happy.

It’s still a very competitive market, so don’t stop what you’re doing to find a job, an employee, or an agency, just use me as an added resource. We’re in the thick of tax season and I’m meeting with all of my clients, so in the usual course of things I am catching up on everyone’s current employment situations and needs and I may be able to make a marriage very efficiently.

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