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Services (If it’s About Money …)

If It’s About Money, Scott Can Help

As a practicing attorney with over 27 years experience in tax strategy, tax preparation, and financial planning, Scott provides direct services as well as referrals to other excellent and trustworthy professionals when needed.

Pay Your Taxes

From calculating quarterly estimated payments to maximizing deductions for self-employed people and small businesses, Scott takes something that’s often scary and overwhelming and makes it fast and, actually, kind of fun. If you are an employee of a company and think you don’t qualify for deductions, think again – Scott knows about deductions that get overlooked by online tax programs and many tax accountants.

For most people, tax returns can be done in a single appointment that feels way more like a chat with your favorite uncle (the one who always told you to be a good person, but never forget to enjoy your life) than a visit to the dentist.

Keep More of What You Earn

Not sure how to optimize the after-tax value of bonuses and stock options or properly time the purchase or sale of major assets such as businesses and real estate? Scott creates tax strategies that keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Plan Your Future

You want to save for your future but you’re not sure where or how to start? Have no idea how to do a personal budget or get out of credit card debt the smart way? Scott has been advising everyone from new college graduates and budding entrepreneurs to corporate sales managers and senior executives for over 27 years, helping them get where they want to go by starting from exactly where they are.

Invest, Buy, and Negotiate the Best Deal

Not sure who to invest with or what kind of investments to make? You want to buy a house or apartment for yourself or a commercial property as an investment, but you don’t know where to find the best mortgage, negotiate on price, or make sure the contract of sale protects you? Scott is neither a banker nor broker (and he doesn’t take commissions from anyone), but he has helped hundreds of people get connected to the right investment manager, banker or broker for them. And, as a lawyer, he reviews contracts and other agreements to make sure your best interests are protected.

Build a Business

You’re taking the leap and launching the next Google, founding your own advertising agency, opening up a restaurant. That’s great – life is all about putting your talents out there! First you’ll need to decide whether to incorporate as an LLC, an S-Corp, a C-Corp, or simply be a sole proprietor. Scott will walk you through the options, explain which is financially and legally the best choice based on the type of entrepreneurial venture you are starting, and then set it up for you.

Get a Job

If you are negotiating salary and bonuses with a new employer – especially if you are a financial professional, a salesperson or in any way are responsible for generating revenue – Scott can make sure your employment contract is fair and fairly compensates you for your work. If you are a consultant or freelancer, he can write contracts that clarify the terms of your work and show your clients they are working with a pro.

You’ll Find a Better Job

It happens – jobs end for all kinds of reasons. But, you don’t need to leave empty-handed and you should be sure to leave with the freedom to create a great new chapter in your life. Scott helps negotiate Severance Agreements that put you in the best financial and legal position to move forward – to find the next job or launch a new business, which is exactly what you may have wanted anyhow if you really thought about it.

Take Care of Business

Everyone needs a will – everyone! Whether you are single, married, old, young, somewhere in between, have children or not, it’s just a smart and kind thing to do to have your affairs in order. Scott often – and wholeheartedly – refers his clients to his colleague, Ron Meyers. Ron is an estate attorney with deep experience preparing wills, trusts and related documents. Scott helps clients make sure that the financial aspects of estate planning – including tax consequences, insurance policies, and beneficiary designations – are fully explored, understood, and taken care of.

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